Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Phonetic transcription of a text

Do you need the phonetic transcription of a text? Try the link below, its free.


vozMe - From text to speech (speech synthesis)

Check this application. A robot will read a text for you in perfect English. Be sure the text is correctly spelt. You can also add it to your browser (follow the instructions). In this way you'll only have to select a text and then go to the bookmark, instead of copying and then pasting it in the box.

 vozMe - From text to speech (speech synthesis)

Monday, 16 April 2012

Road to grammar

Please check this site because it's really a very good one. I haven't finished to explore it yet, but everything is marvellous. I've found it in the google chrome store but it works in any browser.
Great work, congratulations!

road to grammar

Sunday, 8 April 2012

British Council in YouTube

Try this link and enjoy and learn:
British Council Learning English Videos

Skillswise English

This is a new service from the BBC. Try it.
 Skillswise English

BBC and British Council

Here I am again with new stuff. You can now search across the BBC Learning English Widget and the updates of Learning English from the British Council. Put your Browser in English, your computer, your TV set, everything. Listen to the radio. Watch tv shows in English - without subtitles. Live in English no matter wherever you are.

Come on, make your mind up and go on

Come on! Go through these stories. Chose those ones you're interested in. Listen to the mp3. Read the text at the same time. Then read it aloud and you'll see your pronunciation improving every day. Practice make perfect.